Neither treatment was found in the hospital, nor a dead body; Son carried 80KM after loading mother’s body on bike –

Son carried 80KM after loading mother’s body on bike Madhya Pradesh’s Shahdol Medical College did not even provide the body after the woman’s death. The son tied the mother’s body to a wooden track and took her body to neighboring Anuppur district by bike, 80 km from Shahdol district.
MP is amazing. There is much more to this saying than this. The roads here are like America, the cities have become smarter and the health care facilities are better across the state. The dead body is also not available to take home after the death of the patient. The latest case is made of Shahdol in Madhya Pradesh. After the death of a woman in Shahdol Medical College on Sunday, the district hospital did not even give the body to the relatives of the deceased. After tying the mother’s body to a wooden track, the sons had to cycle 80 km to their home in neighboring Anuppur district.

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After death, neither dead body nor treatment was given to the forced sons. The person with the private body asked for 5 thousand rupees, but the relatives did not have that much money. Eventually, the sons decided it was appropriate to go home by bike with the mother’s body. It is being told that the sons of the deceased woman had come from Anuppur district to Shahdol Medical College for treatment, but their mother died due to lack of treatment. After this the hospital refused to give her the body. As a result, the sons bought a wooden slab for Rs 100, tied the dead body and traveled 80 km by bike to reach Gudaru village in Anuppur.

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Treatment not found, body not found
Jai Mantri Yadav, resident of Gudaru village of Anuppur, was admitted to Shahdol District Hospital due to chest pain. When his condition worsened, he was referred to the medical college. He died late night during treatment. Sunder Yadav, the son of the deceased, has accused the nurses of the district hospital of being negligent, accusing the death of the mother.

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Bought a wooden track worth hundred rupees by keeping the dead body on the bike
In the absence of money, the sons bought a wooden track worth hundred rupees and after the death of the woman, somehow tied the body of the mother to the bike from Shahdol to Anuppur. We reached Gudaru village in Gudaru district.

You can see hell on earth in Shahdol’s medical center
They allege that Shahdol is the biggest medical college in the division, but people here do not even get dead bodies, let alone good treatment. There is only humility here when it comes to amenities.

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