Our Mission

At the Indian Polyurethane Association (PU-India), we are committed to nurturing the growth and development of the polyurethane industry in India. Our aim is to provide a platform for stakeholders within this sector to exchange knowledge, promote innovation, and encourage sustainable practices.

What We Do

We organize events such as conferences, workshops, and trade shows where industry members can meet, network, and explore business opportunities. In addition, we offer educational programs to train professionals on the latest technologies and developments in polyurethane applications.

Our Approach

We firmly believe in the importance of collaboration between industry, academia, and government to drive progress. Our approach is focused on creating a collective vision for the industry while addressing both economic and environmental issues.

Our Team

The core of PU-India is composed of experts from various segments of the polyurethane industry. Our members come from diverse professional backgrounds including researchers, manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users.


PU-India invites companies and individuals active in or providing services to the polyurethane sector to become members. As a member, you benefit from access to exclusive market insights, networking opportunities with industry peers, and chances to contribute to policy-making that shapes the future of our industry.