12 year old boy made liquor in the kitchen, took him to school and gave it to a friend, then…

12 year old boy made liquor in the kitchen In Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, a 12-year-old boy made alcohol at home after watching a YouTube video. Then he gave it to his friend. The friend fell ill after drinking alcohol and had to be admitted to the hospital. According to the police, samples of liquor have been sent for investigation. The investigation continues.

A very surprising case has come to light in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. A 12 year old boy made wine after watching a Youtube video and gave it to his school friend. After drinking two sips of alcohol, the friend started feeling restless and vomiting. He was admitted to a hospital in Chirayinkizhu. At present, the boy’s health is said to be improving.

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According to the news agency, an incident took place in a government school on Friday. The student who made the liquor admitted to the police that his parents had bought the grapes. He made wine from those grapes. According to the minor, he did not make liquor from spirit or any other kind of liquor. His YouTube video shows him burying a bottle of wine.

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According to the police, the boy’s mother knew that he was trying to make liquor, but did not take it seriously. At present, the police has taken a sample of liquor from the bottle and sent it for chemical investigation after taking permission from the court.

As the police officer explained, if the investigation revealed that the boy had mixed spirits or any other form of alcohol in the liquor, a case would be registered against him. The police have informed the boy’s parents and school authorities about the legal consequences.

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