You will get Confirm Rail Tatkal Ticket, this small work will have to be done on IRCTC, the hassle of agent will also end!

You will get Confirm Rail Tatkal Ticket – If you are not able to get the confirmed Tatkal ticket from IRCTC then you do not need to worry. IRCTC provides only one option for this. This will make it very easy for you to book a confirmed Tatkal ticket. Here the details of its complete process are given.
Confirmation of Tatkal Tickets: A large number of people travel by train. Many people prefer train travel for long distances. However, reservation is required for this. There is a lot of difficulty in taking reservations on busy routes.

Railways provides Tatkal tickets (Tatkal tickets) for this purpose. Booking a confirmed Tatkal ticket is difficult due to less seats and higher demand.

However, it is quite easy to book a confirmed tatkal ticket for yourself (CONFIRM TATKAL TICKET). Using this method, you won’t even need a third-party app or website, and you won’t need to deal with agents.

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Following is a complete guide to book confirmed Tatkal tickets through IRCTC. Using this method is quite simple. All you need to do to do this is select an option on IRCTC.

Use master list option

The option is from the master list. IRCTC users can create master list. IRCTC account settings allow you to create a master list for this purpose. You can add the details of the people whose tickets you want to book in the master list.

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It contains information like name, age, aadhaar number etc. By doing this you will not have to fill this information while booking the seat. To book Tatkal tickets, one to two minutes after the master list is generated, you need to login to the IRCTC app or website.

Tatkal booking for AC tickets starts at 10 AM, while for Sleeper tickets it starts at 11 AM. For example, if you want to book Tatkal tickets for AC, you need to log in to IRCTC account by 9.58 PM.

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Then you have to choose which train to take and which route to take. Once the Tatkal ticket booking starts, you can select the passenger details from the master list.

This will save you a lot of time and increase your chances of getting a confirmed ticket. UPI payment is also the fastest mode of payment, so you can save even more time by choosing it. If you follow these steps the tatkal ticket will be confirmed.

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