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Greater Noida - March 12, 2014 - The Indian Polyurethane Association (IPUA) today inaugurated its 4th PU TECH Exhibition and Conference, 12-14 March, at the India Expo Centre, Greater Noida. This is the region's largest event on Polyurethane Technology and the theme for the 2014 event is 'Sustainable Growth and Innovative Applications.' PU TECH is the polyurethane technology event for emerging Indian market which with a growth of 20% per year y-o-y has been gaining momentum. The current expectation is that the rate will double every five years with India positioned to be the second largest market for polyurethane in Asia by 2018.

Mr. Mukesh Bhuta, Chairman of the IPUA addressing industry leaders and global experts at the inaugural event said, "Today PU TECH has become a mega global event. In the Indian PU business, although there has been consistent growth over the years, the figures are not near as much as Chinese PU production. However, I am an optimist and believe that there is great potential for the Indian PU industry to grow exponentially. The growth of PU consumption will help not just our industry but also contribute to our country's economy. IPUA visualizes setting up our own technical centre which will serve as a one stop solution provider to the industry's need." The Chief Guest Mr. Ravindra Dhariwal, CEO, Bennett Coleman Co. Ltd. while wishing the industry leaders a successful 3 days and a successful future said, "I am optimistic that we will have stable leadership, development, and will grow the economy. Competition and sharing of best practices will grow the market." At the inaugural event Mr. Marco Volpato, President, Cannon Group, Italy presented the History of Polyurethane Machines.

The ribbon cutting ceremony officially opened PU TECH 2014 to the 125 Indian and international (Europe, USA, UK, Australia, China, and Korea) exhibitors bringing together the collective might of raw material producers, equipment suppliers, and end users. The exhibition presents the latest trends in innovation and technology in the Polyurethane industry.

The two day conference 13-14, March is a melting pot of ideas and knowledge highlighting developments in the polyurethane industry, process techniques, machinery, raw material innovations, and user preferences with presentations by global experts in the field.

The event adds value through technical presentations and specialised seminars to existing players while also serving to attract new talent that will work towards augmenting market growth.

The first ever IPUA Pavilion at the exhibition effectively showcases the past, present and future of Polyurethane industry spanning 75 years of PU globally and 50 years in India. In addition to highlighting applications of PU across sectors and Safety and Innovation, the special initiatives of IPUA like Indian Insulation Forum and Indian Sleep Products Forum are also showcased.

At PU TECH 2014, students are being provided the opportunity to explore, experience and gain insights to the gamut of Polyurethane technology through the exhibitions, conference sessions, other events and interactions with Indian Polyurethane industry members. Additionally, the event also offers final year marketing, quality and production students the possibility to participate in interviews; a visit to a technical centre; and the opportunity to view free product testing with live demonstrations.

Day one of the event culminated in a Holi themed gala dinner at which exhibitors, speakers, delegates and trade visitors were presented the opportunity to network in an informal environment that featured live entertainment. The IPUA PU TECH 2014 Awards were presented at the event.

PU TECH 2014 catering to approximately 5000 trade visitors has been coordinated and executed by Unitech Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd. and is a landmark event for trade visitors and professionals from the Polyurethane industry.

About IPUA
The Indian Polyurethane Association founded in 1992 is a non-profit organization to further the interest of polyurethanes in India.

The main objectives are:

  • To consider the measures for the promoting and advancing the manufacturing, trade, export, sale and consumption of materials for Polyurethane industry and allied products manufactured in India.
  • To support and protect the character and status of the manufacture of Polyurethane materials and allied products; to guide in laying down and maintaining standards of quality; to promote co-operation between all persons engaged in India in the manufacture, trade, export sale and consumption of Polyurethane materials and allied products directly or indirectly irrespective of colour or creed, on all subjects connected with and involving their common good.
  • To institute, encourage, develop and progress all kinds of scientific and economic research and development relating to Polyurethane industry and allied products. Assist in education, training and manpower development.
The IPUA mission is:
  • To activate information on technology and markets.
  • To maintain the highest standards for protection of the environment and safety in the polyurethane industry.
  • To promote education and training in polyurethanes so that a dedicated, trained, technical manpower is available to the Indian industry.
  • To promote the highest ethical standards in the polyurethane industry.
  • To effectively represent polyurethane industry point of view with the Union / State Governments and strive for an equitable / level playing fields.
  • To interact with other trade bodies to build a fraternal bond between the polyurethane industry and other industries.

About Polyurethanes:

Polyurethanes are highly versatile polymers that are so varied in their applications that, in one way or the other, they touch our lives every day. Being versatile, modern and safe, they are used in a wide variety of applications to create all kinds of consumer and industrial products that play a crucial role in making our lives more convenient, comfortable and environment friendly. They can be drawn into fibre, extruded into sheets, and moulded into complicated shapes. They can be made rock hard or feather soft, can be close or open celled, high on abrasive strength and at the same time energy efficient. The possibilities are infinite, and so are their applications.

Their growing success and increased use is further boosted by the fact that they are affordable safe, reusable and recyclable, and these qualities make them the product of choice for manufacturers and retailers all over the world including emerging economies like India. Polyurethanes can meet the highest of consumer expectations, hence their mounting popularity. Unlike some other materials that might perform similar functions, they are not in short supply and can be manufactured according to exact specifications.

The combination of a broad range of end-uses combined with both established and emerging markets, offers exciting opportunities for sustained growth for long time to come. To know more about Polyurethane visit the IPUA Pavilion at PU TECH 2014.

For further information please contact:

Mr. K. Ramamurthy,
Secretary, IPUA
Flat 7, III Floor, Shakthi Mahal,
New 24, Old 41, First Main Road,
CIT Colony, Mylapore,
Chennai - 600 004
Tel/Fax: 044 2499 5923

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